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What’s new in Strato

Release Notes Strato

This version of the Strato software releases the following new functionality:


  • Fields that must be filled out by the user are now highlighted.
  • A Strato blog is now available under The latest blog entries are shown on the clinical dashboard. We will publish information about new features and training material on the blog.
  • The Strato UI is now available in Danish. You can switch the language in the ‘Global Settings’.
  • Many small bugs are fixed and the performance (loading times) have been improved.

Client data

  • A new status field has been added to the client data window.

Document handling

  • Document templates are now available for the EXPLORE. You can now create templates in Microsoft Word e.g. for serial letters or statistics using Microsoft Excel. Some sample documents are installed automatically.

User Roles

–       You can now create user roles, assign users and assign user rights to roles.

Use Noah System 4 and Strato on the same computer

–       With Strato 1.2 it is possible to use Strato and Noah System on the same PC. If you are without an internet connection, you can use Noah System to continue your work and later import the created data into Strato.


This version supports NOAH engine versions 4.3 or higher.

Strato Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that Strato is supporting keyboard shortcuts for the most used user actions?
See below for a list of shortcuts. You can also find the list of shortcuts in the help file (press F1 in Strato).

General Shortcuts
Shortcut Command
Esc Close any current dialog box or panel, for example, the Edit Client dialog box
F1 Open Strato Help
Ctrl+F Open Search Tool
F2 New Client
F3 Create Appointment
F4 Create Activity
Ctrl+Tab Show the next screen
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Show the previous screen
Ctrl+N Show Noah Modules
F5 Open the Scheduler tab
F6 Open the Clinic Tasks tab
Ctrl+F2 Edit the current client


Shortcuts for Client Tab
Shortcut Command
F8 Switch to the dashboard
F9 Switch to the Client Info workflow group
F10 Switch to the Diagnostics workflow group
F11 Switch to the Treatment workflow group
F12 Switch to the Verification workflow group


Shortcuts for Clinic Tab
Shortcut Command
F8 Switch to the dashboard
F9 Switch to Client EXPLORE