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Strato maintenance – downtime 16 hours

On Saturday December 15th at 21:00 GMT+1 (Denmark) – 20:00 GMT (UK), we plan to perform  system maintenance. This system maintenance will take up to 16 hours to complete.  During this time there will be no access to the Strato application.
Please contact, if you have any questions.

Strato and GDPR Compliance

The European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect at the end of this month. Auditdata provides Audiology office management solutions for both public and private hearing healthcare providers in many EU countries, and as such is subject to the GDPR.
We have been preparing for some time in preparation for the regulation to take effect. In this article, we will address some of the common questions that customers have asked us. For us, the most significant question and the information we want to get across is that all of our office systems are fully compliant with the regulation.

Auditdata, an ISO 27001 Certified Company

In fact, Auditdata is an ISO 27001 certified company and therefore is ideally placed to meet the demands of GDPR and general Data Privacy Compliance Regulation. In this article we will deal with Strato, our easy to use office management system designed for private practice.

Where is my data hosted?

We store our European based client data in a secure data centre in Ireland, which is managed by our infrastructure partner Microsoft. The data centre provides the latest server and security technology and is ISO 27001 certified.

What about backup?

All Strato data is securely backed up, and we can deliver details of backups and security protocols upon request.

Is my data encrypted when transmitted?

Yes, data transferred over internet is encrypted.

What data access controls are in place?

We take data access seriously at Auditdata; firstly, you can only obtain access to Strato data through the Strato OMS Application. A unique Licence key is needed to ensure the connection between the application and the cloud-server; finally, each user must have a unique user ID and a password to access the system.
We also limit access to data within the system with user roles which provide different levels of data access. It means that a receptionist can have access to scheduling without full visibility of clinical details.

What about Privacy Breach Detection

We have security systems in place that monitor and inform us of any attempted data access. We will report any privacy breach within one working day.

What if I want a copy of my data?

As per our license agreement, your data is your property and is considered confidential. Through Strato user interface you have possibility to export your data.

What about Data Portability?

We have separated data within Strato into three specific areas, personal identifier data such as name, date of birth etc., Noah Data and finally any documents you may have added to a Patient record. You can export one or all of these data records depending on the request.

What about Right to Access?

We have designed a right to access feature within Strato that allows an on-screen visualisation of all of the data held against a Patient record. This feature will let you visually show any Patient all of the data you keep about them.

What about Gaining Consent?

We have designed a consent manager feature within Strato that is populated with typical consent paragraphs needed within a Practice. However, because each market is different, you can also setup and customise your own consent paragraphs. Using this system within Strato will ensure that you never undertake any marketing or communication activities that a customer has not consented to.

What about Third Party Sharing?

We have GDPR compliant contracts and processes in place with any third party sub data processors we deal with. Details are available on demand.

GDPR is More Than Software

It is essential that you realise that even if you are using a GDPR compliant software system to handle Patient data, that does not mean that you are GDPR compliant. It means that your office management system is technically compliant, the onus is on you to institute processes and procedures to ensure that the way you use the software and how you share information within your organisation and with third parties is compliant.

If you have any questions on this matter, contact Sheraz Javed at and for any other Strato matters, contact Morten Sandahl Sørensen at

Strato maintenance – downtime 2 hours

On Monday December 18th at 20:00 GMT+1 (Denmark) – 19:00 GMT (UK), we plan to perform a maintenance check on Strato. This means that the system will be down for up to two hours. This will not affect any Strato features afterwards, but is simply a data maintenance check.

Please contact, if you have any questions.

Strato maintenance – downtime 2 hours

On Monday 15 June at 9pm GMT+1 (8pm GMT), we plan to perform a maintenance check on Strato. This means that the system will be down for up to two hours. This will not affect any Strato features afterwards, but is simply a routine maintenance check.


Please contact, if you have any questions.

Strato Stock Handling module – FREE trial

Based on many requests from the market concerning management of suppliers, stock and consignment stock from within Strato, we have developed a new Strato Stock Handling module.

The new Stock Handling module is an add-on module that is fully integrated with the rest of Strato. It will be activated in your Strato license on Tuesday, 10 February, as a FREE trial version, ready for you to try out immediately and until 10 March. Please contact Strato sales, if you want to know more about pricing.

Strato Stock module

With the Strato Stock Handling Module, you can….

  • Add suppliers and their data to Strato
  • Define articles that you will be supplying to your clients
  • Handle your stock of hearing aids – sell, deliver or lend them to clients
  • Handle stock for multiple locations
  • Keep track of any consignment stock that is supplied to you by the HI manufacturers

Please see this Strato Stock module flyer for more information. We have also created a short manual to get started with Strato: Strato Stock Handling Module – Getting Started.

Strato version release notes

Release note

A new version of Strato is being released on the 16-Sep. 2014 to resolve a the following identified problems.

  1. The insurance policy field is again available in the Strato client window.
  2. Google integration fix for Strato activities. In rare cases activities are not copied to google calendar.
  3. Danish translation fixes.

If further information is needed, please contact

What’s new in Strato

Release Notes

This version of the Strato software includes the following new functionality:


Client Custom Fields. It is now possible to define and have active up to 10 custom client fields. This setup can be done in the global settings.


ENT Data handling

It is now possible to add ENT data to the system and associate clients with ENT’s. This is done in the administration menu.

The ENT data can then be used in the Client EXPLORE and Scheduler EXPLORE to create statistics based on ENT data. E.g. how many new clients are created for an ENT in a month.


User Permissions

Many new permissions can be added to user roles e.g. manage appointment types, manage referral sources, modify appointments etc.

Activity Log EXPLORE

The new Activity Log EXPLORE makes it possible to analyze how the system is used. E.g. it is possible to find out what users have looked at what patient data, what Noah modules are used, who has deleted data, who has exported patients etc.

The activity log can only be accessed by administrators or users that are part of a role that has the right to use the activity log.


Appointment Outcome

It is now possible to define appointment outcomes. The outcomes can be defined in the administration menu.

You can use appointment outcomes to create statistics in Scheduler EXPLORE e.g. how many appointments led to a HI sale.


Outcomes can be selected in the appointment window.


You can setup appointment types to request that the outcome of the appointment be reported. When you have enabled “Requires outcome” for an appointment type, Strato will prompt you to select an outcome when you change the status of an appointment to “Checked out”.

The Outcome data can then be used in the Scheduler EXPLORE to create statistics –  e.g. how many appointments led to confirmed hearing aid purchases during the last quarter.



This version requires NOAH engine versions 4.4 or higher.


For further information and technical support, please visit or send an email to