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2.8 Is Coming…. What’s New

Strato release 2.8 | Client Search by Hearing Loss | Streamlined Permissions and Configuration  | Searching for Office or User | NOAH 4.12

Searching for clients in Strato is now even more powerful with the addition to search by clients based on hearing loss.  A new search option has been added to Client Explore, enabling users to find clients with hearing loss. The corresponding level and frequency measurements are recorded in AC and BC audiograms.

Having control of Strato and the users within Strato is vital to running your business.  With Strato 2.8 in addition to adding more control of the application and its users, the process is made even more simple by having a single module to to maintain all you profiles and settings.



Searching for offices or users in the configuration area of Strato can be take time if those lists are long. With Strato 2.8 we have added the ability to search by office or user by the name in the configuration module, improving the time it takes to find your selection while reducing user mouse errors while scrolling through lists of values.


We hare happy to announce that Strato 2.8 is compatible with NOAH 4.12.  If you have any questions or comments about using NOAH 4.12 please contact our support department.

You can read more about the Strato 2.8 release here: Strato 2.8 What’s New

Strato 2.8 What’s New

Strato will be updated on December 8th at 09:00 GMT+1 (Denmark) – 08:00 GMT (UK). Downtime is expected to be a maximum of 6 hours.


At Auditdata we pride ourselves on working with our clients to ensure that we are delivering what is important to you.  Due to an unforeseen but serious scenario one of our clients has encountered outside of the application, further changes to the Strato application are required to support this client through this event.  The release scheduled for November 18th will be rescheduled to December 8th.   We appreciate your understanding.

Strato 2.8 is almost here!

We will be publishing this update on Sunday November 17th 2019.  This update will take up to 6 hours to complete. During this time there will be no access to the Strato application.

Please stay tuned for more details next week!

2.7 patch is ready

A patch is required for 2.7 for user working hours.  This is ready and will be deployed on Wednesday at 20:00 GMT + 1 (Denmark) and will take 15 mins.  During this time Strato will not be available.

Strato is almost here!

Strato release 2.7.0 | Online Booking | SMS Appointment Confirmation  | Sales Session Enhancement

Online Booking is an additional feature that allows you to place the easy-to-use booking form on your website, enabling new clients to instantly book an appointment online.
Online Booking is integrated with Strato, and you can view the appointments booked from the web-site in your Scheduler.  Only appointments types that you designate for online bookings will be available to the clients.

You can now enable immediate SMS reminders to be sent to the clients after booking their appointment. The reminder will be sent within one hour after the booking.
To enable this, go to Tools > Administration > Appointment Types and start editing an appointment. Check the Immediate SMS Reminder option and then click Save.

It is now possible to partially invoice items in the sale session. Partial invoices are useful if you, for instance, have several items that you want to sell to the client while renting the rest. This change applies to the client, insurance, insurance groups, and lend invoices.
The invoiced items’ status will change to New (invoiced).  Any additional invoices for this sale session are only possible for the already invoiced items.

You can read more about the 2.7 release here: Strato What’s New 2.7

Remember the update will be on the 23rd at 09:00 GMT+1 (Denmark) – 08:00 GMT (UK), This update will take up to 6 hours to complete.  During this time there will be no access to the Strato application.

Strato maintenance – downtime 16 hours

On Saturday December 15th at 21:00 GMT+1 (Denmark) – 20:00 GMT (UK), we plan to perform  system maintenance. This system maintenance will take up to 16 hours to complete.  During this time there will be no access to the Strato application.
Please contact, if you have any questions.